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I’ve been quite sure for awhile now that my phone is listening to me and reporting everything to Google and Facebook. Now I’m also thinking my laptop is reading my blog and reporting it to major news outlets. Last Sunday I wrote about the mystery of feeling so hot and sweaty here when the temperature and humidity don’t seem all that different from July in southern Ontario. Well, the next day an article appeared that solved the mystery – it’s the dew point! This is a different article from the one that came out on Monday but I find it explains things better and also has a chart.¬†And here is the dew point from Wednesday:

It actually got as high as 28 C. So friends and family in other parts of the world, when summer arrives, keep an eye on the dew point and let me know how high it gets in your neck of the woods. I’m thinking this might be the explanation for why we’re sweating so much more here. The dew point is only 22 C right now and it feels lovely outside.

Now, some random stuff for you. I came across this article on accents in Australia – it’s no wonder us newcomers don’t stand a chance trying to figure them out!

Some things grow REALLY well in our yard – meet our basil plant (or should I say, shrub):

It’s ridiculously large and pretty much has a trunk at this point, so it’s going to have to come out.

Oh, and I made a mistake in identifying the spider in our yard last week – it’s actually the St Andrew’s Cross spider:

They don’t tend to bite humans and if they did, it’s not toxic to us.

On Friday night, we had dinner with friends at the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club. While sitting at our table, I noticed these cute birds:

What caught my attention was that they were always in pairs and usually snuggled up close to each other – the ones in this photo were actually quite far apart. There had been a bunch in this tree but people walked near them to have a smoke and they flew away, caught these 2 on camera just in time. They are White-Breasted Woodswallows.

Hugh joined Kevin’s crew for a sailing race on Saturday and it was such a beautiful day, the plan became to finish the race and then Joanne and I would join them and we’d head back to GKI (Great Keppel Island) for the night. There was a concert on the island and we anchored just off-shore and could hear it clearly. The opening acts were all great, including these guys:


The headliner was terrific – it was Darryl Braithwaite and he is HUGE in Australia. We first heard his name at the Music Bingos because one of his songs, Horses, is practically an anthem here. I don’t see what’s special about that song (he played it last to wrap up last night’s concert) but I really like all the other music he played. And he’s no spring chicken at this point – he’s 75!! And his voice sounds great.


While the sunsets here still don’t match what we had in Stoney Creek, I still got some good photos from the boat:

Friends of Kevin and Joanne’s also came for the concert and they had such a cute dog on board, Mishka:

They’d just put her in the tender (little boat) and take her to shore when she needed to do her business. She was so comfortable on their boat and ours, happily walking around fully balanced in spite of the rocking boat. This was my first time sleeping on a boat and it was amazing – incredible breeze coming through the hatch and that gentle side to side rocking was the most beautiful way to fall asleep. Although as I sit here typing this blog, my inner ear still has me rocking back and forth so it’s a bit difficult to concentrate on the computer monitor!

Hugh and Kevin were up early this morning and Kevin showed him how to fish for squid – and Hugh caught one!

And this is how he looked at lunch time…

I mentioned in a prior blog how amazing the snorkeling was at GKI so after breakfast, Kevin and Jo took us back to Monkey Beach to go snorkeling through the reef again. After our last visit, Hugh and I went out and bought snorkel gear and my, do we ever look spectacular:

I also bought an underwater camera. I hadn’t taken it out of its box so just threw it in my bag when I was heading over to meet everyone to head to the island. I should have read the box when it first arrived – it comes with a million attachments, but it does not come with a micro SD card. So I couldn’t use it this trip. But Joanne to the rescue, she took a bunch of photos while we were out and kindly sent them to me. These are clams – not like the giant ones further north on the reef (these were only about 18″ long), but still pretty cool:

It was pretty murky this morning so the colours aren’t nearly as vibrant as they were a couple weeks ago, and not as many fish, but still not bad! There is one photo that looks like blotches in the sand – that’s a stingray snuggled in the sand. When we were here last time a HUGE ray swam under the boat, its wing span was a good 5 feet.

We saw a few other tasty dinner opportunities too: a lobster, a coral trout, and a barramundi:

Fortunately, no fishing allowed on the reef.

We think the lobster wasn’t actually there and had abandoned his shell. Lucky for him because a turtle came by and had his way with the lobster:

Some other good photos of the turtle:

Gulch friends – you’ll be pleased to know a game of Mexican Train broke out in the afternoon!

We now have a new set of rules, called the CanAussie rules, which we will type up for distribution to interested parties. Last night we played another game called Sequence – also excellent!

Sailing back this afternoon, Hugh was at the helm for awhile:

Ray G, you’ll be pleased that we learned some new sailing terminology – for the first bit back we were “running square” aka running “wing to wing” aka “goose wing”:

You use this method when the wind is coming from straight behind you in order to catch as much wind as possible. Fortunately the wind changed and we could go back to normal the rest of the way.

So it’s been another good week in the land down under!

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